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Three Phase Motor
Three Phase Electric Motors
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Tower Electric Motor company sells thousands of models and brands of quality three phase electric motors.


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Three Phase Motors

TEMCo offers one of the most extensive ranges of three phase motors in the industry. Our offerings includes over three thousand different models of three phase electric motors to choose from. No other company offers you the choices that TEMCo does. Whether your application is a pump, fan, conveyor, etc., TEMCo has the right motor. TEMCo caries three phase motor models manufactured by Baldor, Weg, Leeson and others.

Three Phase Motor

Benefits of  Three Phase Motors

Three phase motors are used in many industrial applications such as pumps, fans, blowers, conveyor drives, compressors and many other kinds of motor-driven equipment.  The reason three phase motors are so widely use is they are highly efficient and has a high starting torque.   These three phase motors are also more compact and less costly than a single-phase motor of the same voltage and rating.  Most single-phase AC motors are uncommon above 10 HP.  Because three phase motors also vibrate less than single-phase motors they have a longer life.  One of the most popular uses of three phase motors is in large air conditioning units because of efficiency, economy and longevity.

How Three Phase Motor Works

Three phase motors work by three electrical phases are introduced through terminals, each of the phases energizing an individual field pole. When each phase reaches it maximum current, the magnetic field reaches it maximum value at the pole.  With three phase power each phase reaches it maximum at different time within a cycle of the current.  This means that the field pole whose magnetic field is largest is constantly changing between the three poles, with the effect that the magnetic field seen by the rotor is rotating.   The synchronous speed, or the speed of rotation of the magnetic field, depends on the frequency of the power supply and the number of poles produced by the stator winding.  In the United States, the standard 60 Hz the maximum synchronous speed is 3,600 rpm.

In a three phase induction motor, the windings on the rotor are not connected to a power supply, which are basically short circuited. The squirrel cage winding, which is the most common type of rotor windings,

it looks like a running wheel used in cages for pet gerbils. When the motor is turned on the rotor is stationary, the rotor conductors experience a changing magnetic field sweeping by at the synchronous speed.  This result in current around the rotor windings, the level of this current depends on the impedance of the rotor windings.  This causes the motor action to be fulfilled, and the rotor experiences a torque and starts to turn.  The rotor can never rotate at the same speed because there would be no relative motion between the magnetic field and the rotor windings and no current could be induced.  This is one reason why induction motor has a high starting torque. 

In the squirrel cage motors, the motor speed can be controlled by incremental amounts if some poles are switched in or out.  Remember the motor speed is determined by the load it drives and by the number of poles generating a magnetic field in the stator.  In wound-rotor motors, you can have continuous speed control by the impedance of the rotor windings can be altered externally, which changes the current the windings.

The Three phase synchronous motors the rotor uses a DC energized coil to generate a constant magnetic field.  When the rotor is brought close to the synchronous speed of the motor, the north (south) pole of the rotor magnet locks to the south (north) of the rotating stator field and the rotor rotates at the synchronous speed.  The rotor of these three phase motors usually have a squirrel cage winding which is used to start the motor rotation before the DC coil is energized.

For all of your three phase motors needs call TEMCo.  TEMCo has been in business for over 40 years and only sells quality three phase motor.  TEMCo has the widest selection and the guaranteed lowest three phase motors prices.   With their team of highly trained specialist you are guaranteed the right motor for your application.  TEMCo believes their success has come from treating their customer with honesty, integrity, and exceeding or meeting each customer needs.  With TEMCo lowest price guaranteed and high quality products you can rest assured you are getting the best motor at the right price.

For model specific technical information call (510) 490-2187. Be prepared with the details of your needs.

Tower Electric Motor Company has experience selling and maintaining electrical motors and manufacturing single to three phase converters over the years since 1968. All our electrical products are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by our industry standard warrantees. When you want an electric motor, phase converter, or quality motor supply, turn to TEMCo.

Lowest Prices on Three Phase Motors - Guaranteed!      Call 1-510-490-2187  or  1-800-613-2290

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