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TEMCo is a Motor Control Specialist Company You Can Trust - a Member of The Better Business Bureau. TEMCo  Is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.  Offering Stock and Motor Controls.

TEMCo is a Standard and Custom Electric Motor Supplier you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Motor Prices
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Distributor of these electric motor brands:
Leeson Motors Baldor Motors Worldwide Motors WEG Motors • Weg Motors

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Tower Electric Motor company sells thousands of models and brands of electric motors. We carry single phase and three phase electric motors, from 1HP through 800HP. Quality Guaranteed.


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Your source for the widest selection of quality electric motor powered products at the lowest prices - guaranteed!

Rotary Phase Converters
Need 3 phase electricity and only have a 1 phase power source?  TEMCo is the most trusted manufacturer of Rotary 3 Phase Converters.

Rotary Converter Sizing Charts
Determine the size of phase converter that you need based on the amount of power you need for your 3 phase equipment.

Static Phase Converters
Read about this technology and what electric motor loads it can be used to start and when it is better to use a rotary phase converter instead.
Power Transformers
TEMCo has the broadest supply of electrical voltage power transformers at the lowest prices - guaranteed!


Power Generators
We offer power generators for all applications from PTO generators to industrial diesel generators - you can rely on TEMCo as your power generator supplier.

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Call our electric motor specialists today and place your electric motor order today.  Rest assured that you received the best motor product and the very best rates too!

Guide  - Motor Prices

View the video below to learn how to troubleshoot and replace a start capacitor in a single phase motor.

Motor Prices

In today’s tough economy all of us are looking for the best price on motors we buy.  Not only do we want the best price on a motor but also the best quality.  With so many companies building inferior products and mass producing them with low quality material it is hard to figure which motor is the best your money can buy.  If you look at the internet, there are hundreds of companies offering motors and advertising the lowest price and the best quality, it can be quite confusing on what direction to go.

In selecting a motor look for companies and brand you recognize.  Companies like Baldor motors, Weg motors, US Motors, TEMCo just to name a few, some have been manufacturing motors for centuries.  When buying motors from these companies you know they will be there for years to come, and motors are built to last, so you will want to make sure you can get replacement parts for your motor.  These companies come with excellent warranties and know how to built quality motors. 

Where to find the best motor prices

TEMCo a member of the Better Business Bureau and a leader in manufacturing and distributing of electrical power products for over 40 years can assist you in all of your motors needs.  TEMCo knows that motor prices are important, and you can rest assured that TEMCo offers the lowest motor prices.  With their large inventory of motors by Baldor, Weg, and US motors, plus other top name manufacturers, you are guaranteed to find the right motor for your applications.  Because of this large inventory, most products can be shipped within 24 hours. 

TEMCo also has friendly, highly trained staff and engineers on hand to answer any questions you may have about motors or other electrical power products.  Their success for so many years is based on treating their customer with honesty, integrity, offering quality products and at the lowest motor prices guaranteed.  TEMCo can offer these low motor prices because of the large volume of motors they sell, and they pass on the saving to their customers.  Most companies sell their motor at list price, but at TEMCo you get the best discounted wholesale rate.  Why waste your time and money shopping around when you can find the best quality of motor and the guaranteed lowest price.  Call TEMCo and have peace of mind you have gotten the best motor prices and the best motor you can buy. 

Lowest Motor Prices - Guaranteed!      Call 1-510-490-2187  or  1-800-613-2290

Electric Motor Sale On Now!
Call 1(510) 490-2187 For Current Sale Prices!
(Many Other Models Available)

Open Drip Proof Industrial Single Phase Motor Prices

List Motor Prices
Your Cost

5 HP 3450 rpm, 7/8" dia x 1 7/8" long shaft, R56HZ Frame, 240 Volts, 23.5 Amps, Capacitor Start, Capacitor Run, one week shipping


7 1/2 HP 1725 rpm, 1 3/8" dia x 3 3/8" long shaft, 215T Frame, 230 Volts, 31 Amps, next day shipping


5 HP 1735 rpm, 1 1/8" dia x 2 7/8" long shaft, 184T Frame, 230 Volts, 19.1 Amps, next day shipping


3 HP 1725 rpm, 1 1/8" dia x 2 7/8" long shaft, 184T Frame, 230 Volts, 16 Amps, next day shipping


Sizes 1 through 400, call for details and pricing.

Industrial Three Phase Motor Prices

Part #

Motor H.P.

Motor Prices

TEMCo - 1



TEMCo - 3



TEMCo - 5



TEMCo - 7 ½

7 ½


TEMCo - 10



TEMCo - 15



TEMCo - 20



TEMCo - 30



TEMCo - 50



Voltage: 208-230/460
RPM: 1760
Hertz: 60
Poles: 04
Service Factor: 1.15
Enclosure: OPSP

Pricing subject to change, due to industry changes. Prices listed are f.o.b Fremont Ca. and do not include shipping and handling or taxes.

Many other sizes and models are available - call for details and current motor prices.

For more technical information call (510) 490-2187.

Tower Electric Motor Company has experience selling and maintaining electrical motors and manufacturing single to three phase converters over the years since 1968. All our electrical products are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by our industry standard warrantees. When you want an electric motor, phase converter, or quality motor supply, turn to TEMCo.

Lowest Motor Prices - Guaranteed!      Call 1-510-490-2187  or  1-800-613-2290

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