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TEMCo is a Standard and Custom Electric Motor Supplier you can trust - a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Motor Inverter

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Rotary Phase Converters
Need 3 phase electricity and only have a 1 phase power source?  TEMCo is the most trusted manufacturer of Rotary 3 Phase Converters.

Rotary Converter Sizing Charts
Determine the size of phase converter that you need based on the amount of power you need for your 3 phase equipment.

Static Phase Converters
Read about this technology and what electric motor loads it can be used to start and when it is better to use a rotary phase converter instead.

Electrical Transformers
TEMCo has the broadest supply of electrical voltage transformers at the lowest prices - guaranteed!

Motor Generator Sets
TEMCo has your solution to convert power frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz or 400 Hz and other frequency changes.  Our motor generator sets also provide harmonic cancellation, etc.


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We offer power generators for all applications from PTO generators to industrial diesel generators - you can rely on TEMCo as your power generator supplier.

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Motor Inverters

TEMCo's motor inverter product lines consist of motors and controls designed to provide variable speed operation with ease of installation and programming. TEMCo offers 1 - 500 hp off-the-shelf availability for all inverter products.  We also offer soft start drives and a wide variety of other motor controls. 

Motor Inverter

How a Motor Inverter Works

A Motor Inverter works by using digital circuitry to produce an alternating current.  A Motor inverter has high speed switches that can be turned on and off thousands of times a second.  With these on and off signals, this adds up making an electric wave which is then sent to the motor.  By turning the switches on and off at different rates, the motor inverter can generate different frequencies.  Motor inverters are also called adjustable speed drives, variable frequency drives or just plain inverters.  These motor inverters have caught on quickly due to the many advantages they offer.

Advantages of using Motor Inverters

Plant engineers and equipment builders quickly saw the advantages of matching the machineís speed to process needs and variable.  Motor Inverters are used to maintain precise set speeds, control starting currents, quickly change speeds, or control reversing and quickly stop.  The benefits and uses of Motor inverters are as followed:

  • Machinery are more productive, improves quality and more flexible.

  • Minimum the downtime with quick changes over to run different materials.

  • Machines can be coordinated to have the right number of parts come together at the right time, and the right place.

  • Energy savings with torque loads (fans, pumps) can adjust the motorís speed and reduce energy input by 25% to 50% with an addition of a motor inverter.

  • Motor inverters can continuously adjust the speed to maintain a desired situation under varying system conditions.

Motor inverters are used in metalworking woodworking, water treatment, conveyors, chemical processing, cooling, heating, refrigeration, hoist and just about every industrial or commercial process.  Motor inverters advantages are numerous and there are millions of them in used today.

How Inverters Affect Motors

Motor inverters at first significantly rise temperature in the motor, and mismatched inverters could easily burn out the motor.  To correct these problems new transistor devices and software minimize this effect.  With these new transistor devices, they can put stresses on the motorís insulation system.  Inverter with their very high switching frequencies and very rapid changes in voltage and voltage spikes can burn pin holes in the motors' insulation causing short circuits and premature motor failure.  Most of these problems can be taken care of by such things as using inverter spike resistant wire.  In some applications, the motor and control has to be separated by distance, which causes reflected wave voltage.  This causes voltage at the motor terminals to rise higher than the insulation systemís design voltage.  Usually this is not a problem if the power run is less than 15 feet.  If a longer run such things as a  IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) are used to take care of the problem.  The IGBTís works by their fast switching times which provide low power losses along with their ability to switch at frequencies beyond the audible range.

Before purchasing an inverter for your motor or applications check with TEMCo to discuss your applications and how an inverter may affect your applications and what protection, if any, you need to protect your motor or unnecessary downtime.  TEMCo with their highly trained engineering staff can guild you on getting the correct motor inventors.  TEMCo with their large inventory provides fast shipping and the lowest price guaranteed.  There no need to shop around for quality and price because you can be rest assured that TEMCo provides both.  TEMCo is a family owned business for over 40 years and offers a full line of motors, invertors, phase converters and transformers.  TEMCo believes in building long-term relationship with their customer, they are there before, during and after the sale.  Call TEMCo today and find why so many companies trust TEMCo for all their electrical power needs.

Inverters Motors

These handy inverters with motor built into one complete unit are handy and make selecting both the motor and the matching needed inverter easy.  Call our inverter motor specialists today to share your application details and select the inverter motor to fill your need.

inverter motor

An Inverter motor takes and puts together an inexpensive induction motor and an inverter.  To understand how an inverter motor works you will need to know what an inverter is and how it works.  An inverter works by using digital circuitry to produce alternating current. An inverter has high speed switches, which can be turned on and off.  With these on and off signals, it produces an electric wave which is sent to the motor.  These inverter motors offer speed control, controlling starting currents, and can quickly change speeds.  By using an inverter motor you will see machinery and equipment be more productive, improves quality and offers flexible.  Motor inverters are used to maintain a desired speed under varying system conditions and are an economic operations in applications of variable speed.

What to Look for in a Quality Inverter Motor

Before you purchase an inverter motor you should know what to look for in a quality inverter motor.  Doing your research and purchasing a quality inverter motor will save you time and money. Inverter motors should be wound with voltage spike-resistant, inverter-grade magnet wire to minimize adverse effect of ASD-produced waveforms.

Improved insulation systems, look for manufacturer that offer an insulation package for inverter motor.  The NEMA specifies that insulation systems for low voltage inverter motor should be designed to withstand an upper limit of 3.1 time the motorís rated line-to-line voltage.  This is equivalent to a 1,426 peak volts at the motor terminals for a 460 V rated motor.  Rise times must equal or exceed 0.1

microsecond.  Improved insulation systems do not degrade as readily when subjected to transient voltage spikes.  A greater thickness or multiple dips and baked varnish minimizes the potential for internal voids, and a lower heat rise design also helps in improved resistance to voltage spikes.

Larger inverter motors in many cases have a constant blower to provide cooling at low motor operating speeds.  500 frame size and above, inverter motors should have both bearings insulated, and have a shaft grounding brush with a ground strap from the motor to the drive case.

Where to Purchase Quality Motor Inverters

TEMCo an innovator and leader of electrical power equipment for over 40 years can help you in selecting a quality motor inverter.  With their highly trained staffed they can assisted you in purchasing the correct size and model for your application.  TEMCo with their large inventory can shipped most products in 24 hours and TEMCo guarantee the lowest prices.  You can save time and money by not shopping around for the best motor inverter prices because you can be assured that TEMCo has the widest selection and the very best motor inverters prices.

Inverters Duty Motors

Motors have been around for many years, they are workhorse for many industries.  With new technology 

and the increase use of electronic adjustable speed drives (ASDs) standards motors began to have problems and have premature failures.  The insulation systems begun to fail because of the introduction of fast-switching pulse-width modulated drives (PWM).  Modern power semiconductors switching rates can lead to voltage spikes.  These spikes can rapidly damage a motorís insulation system and causes overhead and results in failure of the motor.  A newer concept was invented to take care of these ASD; an inverter duty motor. 

These inverter duty motors caught on quickly because not only could these motors handle the higher voltage spikes and can run at very slow speeds without overheating.   The inverter duty motor also made the machinery more productive, improves quality and adds more flexible to any applications.  Inverter duty motors can also have an energy saving by 25% to 50%.

What the different between a Inverter Motor and a Inverter Duty Motors

An inverter duty motor is better built to handle the toughest ASD problem.  Improved insulation systems to handle transient voltage spikes.  The inverter duty motors are wound with inverter-grade magnet wire and voltage spike-resistant to handle the worse cases of ASD-produced waveforms.  These inverter duty motors have constant motor torque meaning constant current and constant heating within the motor.   Most motors are fan-cooled, and cooling effectiveness is lost as speed is reduced.   The inverter duty motors are designed to remove full-load heat at the low end of the constant-torque operating range.

Inverter duty motors also have to deal with a second aspect of the inverter voltage waveform which is high frequency or harmonic content.  Harmonic components of the voltage cause additional heating in the stator iron of the motor by having circulating currents also known as eddy currents.  The result of this is the total RMS current in the motor will be slightly higher.  Inverter duty motors are set up to handle the extra heat that is caused by the modern power semiconductors switching rate.

Purchasing a Inverter Duty Motors

TEMCo an innovator and leader in the electrical power products for over 40 years can assist you in getting the correct inverter duty motors.  TEMCo only sells quality products and with their large inventory can usually ship with 24 hours.  TEMCo with their highly trained staff and group of engineers can answer any questions you may have about an inverter duty motor.  TEMCo bases their success on honesty, integrity, offering quality products, and the lowest price guarantee.  Why waste your time shopping around when TEMCo offers you the products and the price you deserve.  Find out why so many companies and individuals trust TEMCo for all their motors needs.  You can be rest assure that TEMCo is there before, during and after the sales of all of their products.

Inverter duty motors have windings that are heavy duty built for changing speed, etc and built just for use with inverters and drives.

Inverter Drives - TEMCo offers motors designed to provide optimum performance when used with a variable frequency drive. Designed with premium efficient windings, superior Class H insulation systems and offered in TEFC, TENV, explosion proof and washdown enclosures, no one offers a better choice for adjustable speed drive motors.

Inverter Controls - Utilizing IGBT technology, TEMCo offers a wide range of stock inverters from fractional mini inverters to full size 500 hp inverters. TEMCo also offers washdown duty NEMA 4 enclosures for applications to 20 hp.

SmartMotors - TEMCo distributes smart motor brands including Baldor. Leading the industry in technology, Baldor was the first to introduce a fully integrated motor and drive, thus the SmartMotor. Using the same easy programming keypad and language, Baldor's SmartMotor is the product of choice for replacement and new installations. Available and in stock from 1 - 10 hp in NEMA 1 or NEMA 4 washdown enclosures.

For model specific technical information call (510) 490-2187. Be prepared with the details of your needs.

Tower Electric Motor Company has experience selling and maintaining electrical motors and manufacturing single to three phase converters over the years since 1968. All our electrical products are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by our industry standard warrantees. When you want an electric motor, phase converter, or quality motor supply, turn to TEMCo.

Lowest Prices on Motor Inverters - Guaranteed!      Call 1-510-490-2187  or  1-800-613-2290

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