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Baldor 575 Volt Motor

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Tower Electric Motor company sells the entire line of Baldor 575 Volt Motors at discount prices. We carry single phase and three phase AC electric motors, from below 1HP through 800HP. Whether your application is for a tool shop such as a power buffer, lath, grinder, milling machine, bandsaw, wide belt sander, car lift, or for an industrial application such as pump, lift, elevator, conveyor, farming irrigation or most any other application call TEMCo to choose the right motor. If we don't have a stock model available to meet your need we also do custom built motors. Quality Guaranteed.

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Baldor 575 Volt Motor Overview

What makes a Baldor 575 Volt Motor unique?

The Baldor 575 volt motor will come in a variety of different types including washdown, severe duty, drill rig duty and close coupled.

Some Baldor 575 volt motor units will be explosion proof. They will be Class I, Group C or D or Class II, Group, F & G, all with a T3C temperature rating.

  • Class 1 environments are have flammable gas present. Class 2 areas contain combustible dust.
  • Group C will be used in places that include acetaldehyde, cyclopropane diethyl ether, or ethylene. Group D pertains to areas that might have gasoline, hexane, naptha, benzene, butane, propane, alcohol, acetone, benzol, lacquer solvent vapors, or natural gas. Group E explosion proof motors are used in environments that contain Aluminum, magnesium and other metal dusts. Group F is an atmosphere containing carbon black, coal or coke dust, and group G contains flour, starch or grain dust.
  • TC3 means that the motors come with a temperature rating of 160 degrees Celsius.


A Baldor 575 volt motor will be found in any application that requires 575 volts.

They can be found in a wide variety of applications, including conveyors, fans, blowers and pumps, as well as devices for transferring fluids. The severe duty Baldor 575 volt motor can be found in chemical plants, paper plants, mines, tropical climates and other environments with a high risk of corrosion.

General Specifications:

An overview of the specifications of a Baldor 575 volt motor motor:

  • Horsepower: ranges from 0.33 to 250 HP
  • RPM: 1800 or 3600
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Full Load Amps: ranges from 0.6 to 218
  • Phase: Three phase
  • Voltage: 575
  • Enclosure: TEFC, TENV, or ODP
  • Mounting Type: Rigid base
  • Frame Size Suffixes: JM, H, T, TC, TS, or C
  • Frame Material: Rolled steel, stainless steel or cast iron. The Baldor 575 volt motor designed for drill rig duty will come with an epoxy finish for extra protection from corrosion.

Baldor 575 Volt Motor Baldor 575 Volt Motor

Product Selection - View and Buy Baldor Motors

Click on a part number to view price, stock, detailed specifications, data sheets, and dimensional diagrams from TEMCo. The full product line can be viewed here at

Baldor 575 Volt Motor575 Volt Motor, Three Phase, Base Mount, TEFC
Part Number HP RPM Frame
Enclosure Voltage Rotation
M3534-5 » 0.33 1800 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3537-5 » 0.5 3600 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3538-5 » 0.5 1800 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3539-5 » 0.5 1200 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3541-5 » 0.75 3600 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3542-5 » 0.75 1800 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3543-5 » 0.75 1200 56/56H TEFC 575 Reversible
M3543T-5 » 0.75 1200 143T TEFC 575 Reversible
M3545-5 » 1 3600 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3546-5 » 1 1800 56 TEFC 575 Reversible
M3556-5 » 1 1200 56H TEFC 575 Reversible
M3555-5 » 2 3600 56/56H TEFC 575 Reversible
M3558-5 » 2 1800 56/56H TEFC 575 Reversible
M3559-5 » 3 3600 56/56H TEFC 575 Reversible
For more technical information call, (510) 490-2187.

Tower Electric Motor Company has experience selling and maintaining electrical motors and manufacturing single to three phase converters over the years since 1968. All our electrical products are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by industry standard warrantees. When you want an electric motor, phase converter, power generator, or quality motor supply, turn to TEMCo.

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